Decibel Chronicles: I Contact Val Kilmer

Here’s the email I just sent him.

Hello, Val Kilmer.

I would like to know why your CD is not called “The Iceman Cometh”?

Life is all about taking advantage of opportunites, Val Kilmer. Why didn’t you take the opportunity to spike one in Tom Cruise’s face and knock the scientology out of him in that beach volleyball scene?

Are you still an avid jet-fighter / beach volleyball enthusiast?

Are you still friends with Slider and are you glad Goose got what he deserved?

My friend wants to know why you had the badass back tattoo from Salton Sea removed. He acknowledges that he has no proof of whether or not you actually had it removed?

You keep on rockin’ and rollin’, dude.

– Decibel


I’ll let you know if I hear anything. I appreciate all your prayers and support.

2 responses to “Decibel Chronicles: I Contact Val Kilmer

  1. This will end badly.

  2. how did you contact val? Could you please list his email, my career is a teacher, educating special needs children in Mesa Public Schools in Mesa, AZ, and believe it would be a great opportunity for the students to hear a motivational speech from Val, on how he was able to suceed in something he believed in.
    Dorthy Bemis

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