A Blog that is not about PSU’s Recruiting.

With a month left until LOI Day, Penn State is having a great recruiting year. With 12 commits currently, 4 are Linebackers. Now, I strive to be an objective and rational person. I really, truly do. I try very hard to be objective, even when it comes to things I really care about, like politics or college football or if a chick’s breasts are real or fake. Objectively and rationally, can someone please… please… explain to me why we need to have so many linebackers. If it was just one year, okay, I can see that. But this is a pattern. There are 500 LB’s at Penn State, most of them underclassmen, and now we need 4 more? Please explain to me why Brandon Beachum’s recruitment was changed from RB, a position PSU needs, to LB.

With the stuff that this scatterbrain coaching staff has pulled in the past few seasons, how can you NOT look at this as just more evidence of them being idiots? Why in the hell do these LB’s even go to Penn State? Yeah, they have LB history… but you can’t run a 1-10 defense. Are you planning on putting 10 LB’s on the field? Lord knows that I’d place my bet that Andrew Dailey, with a torn knee, can cover a WR better than Sargent or King. But this is getting to the point where they are basically planning on sticking Colasanti on Bowman’s shoulders like they’re about to chickenfight somebody.

I have a suspicion that these non-LB prospects are wising up to Penn State. The legacy of undeveloped talent up there is definitely as long as the legacy of strong linebacking. There is no way in Hell Terrelle Pryor is coming to Penn State. Or a decent WR. Or a QB that is anything better than 3 stars. Or a RB who knows he’ll sit behind 50 RB’s who are terrible just because they are older than him.

Carrot Top and Jay Pa set an NCAA recruiting record this season for chasing ghosts you have no chance in getting. It remains to be seen whether or not they land a WR who is competent. This ofcourse after they lost the war on Deion Walker, who was smart enough to go someplace else. Nothing like being ignored by somebody until their first choice leaves them in the dust. I guess these idiots didn’t realize this whenever they lost McCoy, a Heisman candidate, because they had an obsession with Broderick Green, WHO WAS ALREADY COMMITTED TO A MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER PROGRAM.

There has been virtually zero recruiting updates for Penn State in over a month. How is this possible? The mindset up there is what is so unnerving.

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