BREAKING NEWS: Power Alliance in jeopardy!

That’s right, according to Rivals, PSU commit D’Anton Lynn has made his final decision. Lynn has been wavering on his PSU commitment since the day Brian Norwood left the staff to take over as d. coordinator at lowly Baylor. If he decommits and goes elsewhere, all my hopes and dreams of having a PSU player from Texas will go down the drain. I even went to one of this kid’s high school games. I moved to Texas to watch him play high school football. Okay, maybe that’s false, I only “kinda” moved down here to watch him play high school football.

I feel like Emilio Estevez when Pat Garrett shot him in the back. I feel like Marty Jannetty when Shawn Michaels superkicked him through the Barber Shop window. I feel like Lady and the Tramp, when Tramp turned on her and sold her kidneys for crack money, which I think only happened in the sequel that plays over and over again in my head, forcing me to stay awake for days until I bash my head off the wall and knock myself out.


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