Movie View: Sweeney Todd


From musical to movie master piece.

So what’s better then Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman? The three of them doing Sweeney Todd, thats what.I knew from when i first heard of this film i wanted to see it.I have to say, it was exactly what i expected.Johnny Depp plays Ben Barker, a man wrongfully imprisoned who takes revenge on those who did him ill by killing them in his new barber shop and sending them down the cellar where they are chopped up and made into pies.Thats pretty much the story line, and you really don’t need to know anymore then that.

The actual film itself reminded me a lot of Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow”, very colorless and drab. Absolutely perfect for both movies in my opinion.

If you like all of Tim’s other films, then you will like this one.It’s a cross between Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride.Great musical performances by all the actors and actress’s. Helena Bonham Carter is as hot as ever.

Theres not really a lot to say.Just see it.It’s hard to put this film into words.

9 out of 10

– StraTT

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