Why We Need Tons of Destruction: pt. 5,743

The New World Order supposedly want the world population to be drastically reduced. So drastic, in fact, that they believe that 400 million is more than enough people to inhabit this planet. I am really starting to get on board with this, more and more as the days roll by.

Today’s reason to wish everyone was dead, is inspired by the supposed “uproar” over the marketing strategy used to promote the new Batman film. As you probably already know, the late Heath Ledger plays the Joker. This Joker portrayal is a lot darker than the goofy Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson portrayals; the whole new era of Batman flicks is pretty dark, focusing more on the “Dark Knight” series than on the gray and blue attired Justice League version of Batman.

People are supposedly concerned over the fate of Ledger’s Joker role, since he is basically a bruised and battered psychopath, not the Prince-loving, pastel-raping Nicholson villain. Supposedly, there is concern over how this movie should be marketed, and whether or the current marketing agenda (featuring Ledger’s bashed-up face, and writing in blood) should be dropped or changed.

Here is where napalm and torture comes into the equation for me. If you are seriously upset and worried about Heath Ledger’s character being used in the marketing of this movie because Ledger just croaked, go fuck yourself. Seriously. You should kill yourself. I want you to kill yourself.

Is this really what we need to be focusing on? Just because a guy in the movie is dead, we need to start rethinking the fucking marketing strategy? Listen… Heath Ledger didn’t die filming the fucking movie. And even if he did, that would make me want to see it even more than I already do.

A lot of people were upset at the news that Ledger accidentally killed himself, and alot of people think this dude had a very bright future. He’s pretty good. He did an awesome job in Brokeback Mountain, I saw 4 or 5 of his other movies and thought they were just whatever. I guess he showed capacity in Brokeback Mountain to be really good in the future, or when he wanted to put effort into it. From the short clips I saw, from Christopher Nolan’s high praise of him in the role, and from his capacity in Brokeback, it really looked to me like Heath Ledger put the effort into this Joker character. That means he probably did a real fuckin’ good job with it.

If that is the case, do you think that Heath Ledger, or Brandon Lee, or anyone else, would have wanted you to be a sis and start questioning anything about that film just because he was dead? Who the fuck are you people? Where the fuck do you even come from? Are you honest to God going to boycott that movie because one of the actors is dead, and you didn’t like how the studio used his character, which is a main character, to promote the film? You need taken out in the parking lot and shot in the back of the head. Actually, you need shot in the stomach a few times, because I want you to see my face while you squirm in your own blood while knowing that eventually the wounds will kill you.

If you don’t want to take your kid to see dead Heath Ledger work his ass off in a film, don’t take him. I don’t know why his death is so much more of an end-all for you than the fact that he writes “why so serious?” in blood all over the goddamn city.

Sorry for the hate-filled rant and all that, but America loves to bitch just to bitch. People here love being able to complain about something that they honestly don’t give one shit about. Toughen the fuck up and shut the fuck up. If you fuckin’ cowards put half the effort into something worth a shit, instead of feigning dislike over movie marketing, this American empire wouldn’t be on it’s downswing. If you care that much, or have been so affected by Ledger’s accidental suicide, honor him by going to see a film he put effort into.

In conclusion, you’re an idiot.

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