Band of the Week- 2/11/08


Airbourne comes to us from Melbourne Australia and they are one of the most face melting bands (next to Renegade Revival) I have ever heard.


I must admit that I had heard about these guys, but never actually heard them until Brom Bones suggested I give them a listen. My ears and penis both exploded at the same time, my ears shooting blood and my penis spouting joyous semen. As it happens, Brom called me up one night and said, “Yo Turbo (one of my many pseudonyms) I remember how much you love AC/DC and Motley Crue and I had to call and tell you about this band. Based on his recommendation I went out and picked up “Runnin’ Wild” the groups debut album, and to be quite honest, it was everything I could have ever hoped for.

I know Nick Fit feels that they too closely resemble AC/DC, but my thought on that is that one, they are all relatively young (between ages 19 and 23) and haven’t solidified their own sound yet; and that more than likely the record label weighed in and said, that was going to be their gimmick.

I have high hopes fro these guys, but I can also see Nick’s point. To him and others like him though I say, enjoy the first album for how fucking sweet it really is, and wait for their second album to judge them. That way if the music is basically the same but more evolved then you’ll know that they aren’t just some gimmicky Australian throwback band like Jet or Wolfmother.


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