Hey Stupid’s Guide to Modern Living: Intro

Greetings dear readers. How are all of you today? I hope this crisp February morn finds you in good health and better spirits. It has recently occurred to myself and a few other members of the staff that people come to our site day in and day out to read about our ongoing adventures, and that perhaps they do this not just because they are excited by our tales, but maybe because they wish to live a life so interesting themselves.

Well lets face it, that isn’t going to happen for you. The truth is if your life were remotely interesting you would probably have your own website where you tell blatant lies…I mean absolute truths about your day to day life. However that doesn’t mean that you are confined to a life of hopelessness. Sure you may be an undereducated, ineloquent, ignorant, rude, poorly spoken, poorly dressed member of the unwashed masses generally referred to as the American public, but you’re here reading this, and that is a step in the right direction.

My vision for “Hey Stupid’s Guide to Modern Living” is to make in an ongoing series of articles and essays, all of which will help you to become a functioning member of society with good taste and manners. Hell we might even get you polished to a point that you can even become successful in pursuits of satisfying employment, wealth and love (or “touching a girl’s boobies” as you put it). Then again, look at what you’re giving us to work with. Well, at the VERY least you’ll be able to pretend you are a cultured and intelligent person who showers more than once a week.

All articles, essays, rants, rules and other literature relating to “The Guide” will appear in the “Guide to Modern Living category.


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