Kicker of Ass of the Week – 2/11/08

That’s right kiddos. You demanded it, so here it is. The triumphant return of the…

As you may or may not have noticed,  we have not named a new KoAoTW since Vanessa Hudgens bush and titties. This isn’t just because her barely legal little beaver and love muffins, chesticles if you will made her the last great KoAoTW. It mostly hasn’t been updated because we are lazy. That and because every time we would bring up that article we would all start beating off. So there you have it. We could updated because we are all lazy masturbators.
Anyhow, this week’s KoAoTW is actually going to be a tie between Chelsea Handler and Joel McHale.
Now, one might suggest that since both of these fine Americans are employed and featured on E! that we just make E! the KoAoTW, but since E! employs Ryan Seacrest, The Kardashians, Kendra (ass laugh) Wilkinson and various other unscrupulous characters there is no way E! could ever receive that honor.
So congrats Chelsea and Joel. If you ever want to return the favor, just have me on either of your shows.

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