Movie View: 30 Days Of Night


“Out Of The Light, Into The Night”

You know, I do have to admit something…I had some decently high hopes for this movie. For some reason while I was watching it, I was disappointed. Now, I fell asleep after the first hour, (and it wasn’t because I was bored) and the phone rang so I was on that for about a half an hour and by the time I started it back up again to finish it, I just wanted it to be over so I could smoke a cigarette.

But now that I’m here, typing a review, I have to admit I liked it.For a vampire flick, it was pretty good. It was different, I’ll give it that. Of course we all know (at least I hope we do) that this film is based off of a graphic novel, much like Frank Miller’s “Sin City”.

The acting was pretty decent, and believable at best. There were some pretty cool scenes involving rampage and destruction.The only thing I didn’t understand was why all the vampires looked Japanese…I never read the novel, so maybe I’m missing some information here.Pretty gory, but not like “SaW” gore.Good cast, good setting, and a pretty decent idea.These vampires (like I said I don’t know their back story) decide to raid a town in Alaska after the sun has set for 30 days. Clever eh? I dunno I thought so.

There are SO many bad vampire movies out there.But this one is worth checking out.I mean, I thought it was pretty good for a vampire flick.So grab or rent the DVD in a weeks and give this one a chance.Personally, I wouldn’t have wasted money to see this in a theater…but this is coming from a guy who wasted $8.50 on Transformers. Not that it was bad, but I probably could have waited for the DVD.

7 out of 10.

– StraTT

3 responses to “Movie View: 30 Days Of Night

  1. but Transformers WAS bad.

  2. yeah, bad, but not terrible.

  3. no no, it was terrible. It was like getting ass raped by a monkey with leprosy. Not cool man. Not cool. The only thing worse will be the new G.I. Joe movie. You would have to go back to the old Masters of the Universe movie to find something as shitty.

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