The second least important day of the year.

If you go ass to mouth on a bitch on Valentine’s day it shall be henceforth known as “The Russell Stover”. Keep that proclamation in mind as you read this little post.

Let me open by saying I am not like 98% of the people out there who claim they hate Valentine’s day just to make girls think that they are dark and brooding and they just need love to melt their hearts. I think I have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, many times over that other than rage, I am completely incapable of human emotion. That being said, it is my belief that Valentine’s Day is bullshit.

Let me clarify, I don’t think it started off as a bad idea (this of course ignoring the fact that there were TWO saints named Valentine that were offed n February 14th bet you didn’t know that shit), a day to tell your lover how much you love them. Hell I encourage you to do that every day if you are truly in love with someone. I also don’t think it is the fault of the greeting card and chocolate industry for corrupting this Holiday (the way they are trying to with Patriot Day…well not so much the chocolate industry) I am pretty sure that the demand for cards, chocolate, flowers and bears was there on it’s own and slowly grew into the industry it is today.

Who do I think killed the spirit of Valentine’s day and made it a worthless spot on the calendar where I am expected to wear red and think that everyone should be in love? Bitches. Bitches be actin’ all crazy yo. I don’t think there was any problem when a man would give a woman a card, a dozen roses, maybe some chocolates and perhaps some other gifts to show his affection for his lady, but then it became expected.

It got to the point where crazy ass hoes felt like they DESERVED Valentine’s day goodies and that they have a right to them. They also got this crazy idea in their head that Valentine’s day had to be more about the fucking gift. Fuck you silly bitch. If you’re the type of slut that is reading this and disagreeing with me, trust me you are going to spend more Valentine’s days alone than with someone, and if you are with someone, it is some jack ass you met in a bar and you are spreading your diseased crotch for just so you don’t have to spend another Valentine’s Day alone.

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