The Hardest F@ck!ng Games Ever Made 2


You knew it was coming…and here it is.It was once a great time for our nation…Nintendo was racking up sales at Hills, and Saturday morning cartoons were filled with teenagers.Mutant ninja teenage turtles that is.

Battletoads is so close to copy right infringement it’s not even funny. Seriously…stop laughing.

I like this game, and the others…but come on…it’s a blatant rip off of our four lean green heroes.If thats not enough, this game is so hard it would make a gay guy at the pride parade sterile.

The controls in this game are really flimsy to me.You hit left, you run to the left of the screen in 1.2 seconds. While your punching the crap out of some pig or rat, another one is behind you…he takes a swing and kills you by knocking you off the screen.But after all that, and you manage to kill the first boss, you find yourself on a rope in a tunnel…


Looks easy eh? Well, it’s so so i guess.Don’t get hit with a laser, or those 3 hearts you have for energy will be gone and you will find yourself at the bottom of the tunnel near a bum taking a piss next to you.(hypothetically.)

And now…where everyone dies. Where no toad comes out alive…


I don’t know what the hell the programmers were thinking when they made this stage.

Your stupid little flying go-cart thing doesn’t move fast enough to dodge the walls later on in the level.Oh, it may be possible to get passed this…on like the 100th try.I’ve never gotten to the end. EVER.I’ve seen later stages of the game buy hitting the warps, which are almost near impossible to get to in time as well.

But this is…theres not even a word for it.Irritating comes to mind…Killing people on the street i don’t even know…raping the pope.Whatever, this makes the game not even fun.

I remember a few years ago E-Rokk and myself were playing some old school Nintendo and we decided we needed hair cuts.So we popped in the game that would make us bald…Battletoads.We got to this stage, tried it once, then we quit. And that was it.

I hear the snake riding level is hard too, and there is also a stage like the hover cart only you’re on a surf board. Yay.

I tried CHEATING to beat this game with game genie.I was on the last stage, where you have to climb this giant tower to get the Dark Queen.Who, for some reason for a video game chick is pretty hot.I have never beaten this game.Well i did literally, by throwing it across the room.

Once i took a copy of Star Tropics 2 for Nintendo and threw it down the street.I lived on the tippy top of a hill, and it rolled all the way to the bottom.

A week later i found it.I brought it home and popped it in…the fucker still worked.

Nintendo really knows how to make steardy stuff.

Anyway, battletoads…really hard. Good game…really hard.

I do not recommend you trying this game without a game genie. Because even cheating, the game is still going to enrage you.
– StraTT

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