Adventures with/of My Father volume 1.

My father is a 53 year old man who has about 35 years under his belt working for Conrail, now the Norfolk Southern rail-line. I have endless respect for the innane amount of physical labor this man has had to endure, only to watch me shit away his money on a college education that is really just me hanging out in Texas and fucking around on the internet. Like all the other guys my Dad works with (Shy, Cutzie, Bob White, Von, Little Bill, to name a few) he has a very Confederate stock of facial hair, and wears gigantic cop-shades similiar to the line-boss in Cool Hand Luke, only darker. Now, don’t get me wrong, when he’s at church or someplace, he will keep the beard in line. But when he’s at work or after work, it is a very different story. What you need to be picturing is a 53 year old man with grayish-brown beard and hair, the glasses, and a goddamn hardhat. Wearing this usual rail-gang attire, about 5 years ago my father walked into a Sheetz to spend time with his favorite son: the red Marlboro 100’s. Keep in mind what my father looks like. He got fucking carded by the woman behind the counter. The hilarity of this is endless, especially when you take into consideration how absolutely pissed off my Dad became.

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