Rest in Peace, Doctor Sullivan.

A long time ago, circa early 05, I posted a blog where I wrote down all the names of the cats in the vicinity of my apartment. Some were owned and operated by myself and other local cat-takers, and some were strays that hovered around the area because Denton has a cat problem, believe it or not. Among the strays were two that I always saw around here, Dracula and Doctor Sullivan. Both of these cats were pretty much kittens when I moved in, and although I only ever saw them once in a while running around, they obviously got older and bigger as the years went by. Sadly, not long ago, I saw Dracula dead on the highway outside my apartment. That’s what happens when you go out in the sunlight. Today, already, there was a fiasco. I was walking down to get my transcripts from UNT b/c NCTC needs them, and I see two bubbleheaded goofballs hovering around an orange cat with a bushy tail. The cat was not dead, but he looked like maybe he had gotten hit in the parking lot. I knew it was the good Doctor by the tail. So I went down to the campus and did my thing and came back, only to find the fucking Denton Animal Control truck pushing the once proud Doctor into a cage built into the side of the truck. Now, why is this so horrible, you ask? Because you don’t ever call the fucking animal control center. That cat could have a fucking thorn in his hand and they are still gonna put it to sleep. ESPECIALLY in a town where there is a cat problem, and ESPECIALLY in a town that said in the papers that any strays, or house pets found without tags, would be exterminated after 3 business days because there is such a problem with too many cats and whatnot. This prompted some locals to create a cat / animal rescue here in Denton, so that people who could no longer take care of their pets could take the animal there and the animal would never be put to sleep and would be at least fed and given a place to hang it’s hat at the end of a long day of frollicking and eating its own feces. I know that those two dumbfuck girls live in the building next to me, and there’s only like 10 townhouses, so I am considering leaving a note on all of those doors that is going to explain to them what to do in case that ever happens again. It is important for the readers of this to understand that it doesn’t matter if that cat WAS paralyzed, or WAS just dazed real bad. They are going to kill the animal regardless. I thought everybody already knew that you NEVER tgake an animal to the animal shelter or call the fucking animal control hotline. Jesus fucking Christ.

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