Secret Hotties

Every once in awhile I will stumble across a celebrity who has their one shot of hotness. I cannot remember where this list started, but 3 have happened recently and need to be addressed. This will be updated as more hotties come out of the closet and then quickly disappear again.

– Joan Jett: I do not recall any one specific time, but it may be the “I Love Rock and Roll” video. Joan Jett is a smokin’ hot babe sometimes, and because it is only on occasion, she is included in this list.

– Tori Amos: ‘Crucify’ video. As I have already posted someplace on here, Ross and myself had a discussion over this. He completely disagrees with me, but in that video Tori Amos is a smokin’ hot babe.

– Lori Petty: ‘Point Break’. Who doesn’t love a good Patrick Swayze / Keanu Reeves surfer movie? Lori Petty with short, brown, boyish hair has put her in this category. Because, to be honest, she ain’t exactly the cat’s meow in anything else. Smokin’ hot babe.

More to come, assholes.

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