2008 Recruiting Analysis.

It’s like Alice Cooper said: “I’m hungry for love and it’s recruiting analysis time.”

I have a very, very tough life. I sleep and then I wake up and read about recruiting, read Revolutionary War books, watch movies, play Age of Empires 3, and then make a cup of tea. That’s pretty much it. I don’t start work until March 17th, and my obstacles for the day are pretty much whether or not I win eBay auctions on GI Joes or He-Man toys, and when I should get my lazy ass up to return DVD’s to Family Video. Other than that i go eat or to the movies with the lady, or I call Grosik.

“He’s just a common man, workin’ hard with his hands. He’s the American Dream.”

Me and Dusty Rhodes are living la vida loca, dude.

When reading this, it is important to note that these star-rankings assigned by recruiting sites are not end-all ratings for these kids. They are, at the end of the day, just percentages on potential. They go from 1-star to 5-star, 5 being the highest. If a kid is a 4-star recruit, his projected potential is probably pretty high. A 2-star player, on the other hand, probably doesn’t have a lot of potential… RIGHT NOW. Whereas lower-starred recruits have done very well (Paul Pozlusny, Adam Carriker, Steve Slaton, Taquan Underwood and Ray Rice, etc.), just as many 5-star players have dropped off the face of the map (Jason Gwaltney, Willie Williams, Xavier Lee). So I don’t want to hear in 4 years how I said that some kid was awesome in HS and now he’s terrible in college.

I used the Rivals.com rankings to fill this out, because Scout.com is harder to see. Neither of these sites are perfect, and keep in mind that all this recruiting business is subjective. What you and me may perceive to be a 5-star player may well be in reality a kid who is a 2-star player, or vice-versa. The only thing that separates the people at Rivals and Scout from observers like me and you is the fact that they have access to player’s tapes and information. It is not perfect. They don’t know much more than my own staff of myself, Megaload, and Professor Pickles.


– For a team that did as well as BC did this year (don’t ask me how, other than weakness in the conference) this recruiting class is not very stellar. They picked up 3 4-star commits, a RB, OL, and a DB from Maryland named Okoroha. Nothing impressive, and I’m not convinced this coach or team has any worth. Still, 29 commits is alot of kids.

– Despite the erratic and inconsistency of Tommy Bowden’s win-loss column, Clemson had a massive recruiting year. They landed 5-star DE DaQuan Bowers (top rated defensive prospect in the nation) and 13 4-star players in a class of 26. The nation is waiting for Clemson to finally achieve it’s potential, and maybe this class will have the talent to outweigh poor coaching decisions.

– New coach David Cutcliffe has a long history of developing top-notch QB’s: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Casey Clausen, Brady Quinn, and even Erik Ainge. It was imperative that Cutcliffe landed a solid QB, and he landed one in Sean Renfree from Arizona. Although only a 3-star player on Rivals, other sites have him listed higher. Even if Duke sucks for the next few years, Renfree’s path to the NFL is pretty much set for him. 17 total commits, nothing worth mentioning except Renfree.

– Another huge recruiting class for FSU despite another terrible season. 30 total commits, including 2 5-star players, DE Markus White and LB Nigel Bradham. 13 4-stars to compliment, making FSU’s class the second best in the ACC. One of the kids committed was a RB named British Footman, but he unfortunately had to go to junior college. I really wanted to root for British Footman.

– They paid a ton of money to get Paul Johnson from Navy and all they ended up with was a 4-star OL. This class is awful.

– Pretty strong class for the Terps this year, as they try to climb up the ACC, slowly. 18 commits and 6 4-star players, notably WR Kenny Tate.

– Randy Shannon has brought in a massive recruiting class for the Canes this year. 33 total commits is an insane amount, 2 5-star players in DT Marcus Forston and LB Arthur Brown. 15 4-star players are also coming in, and Miami is making no bones about wanting to get back on top as quickly as possible, with the best class in the ACC and one of the nation’s overall best. Although the class is LB heavy, they brought in a lot of WR’s as well.

– After a very strong 2007 class for Davis, this year’s class was a bit less than that. UNC had a season where a lot of young kids looked like they were running around aimlessly, and that’ll only make them a lot better in 2008. This incoming class has 19 commits total, with 7 4-star players in total. One being the now-infamous Dwight Jones who apparently still is not eligible academically, for the second straight year.

– Tom O’Brien is doing a better job recruiting than I figured he would, with this being his second class at NC State. 25 commits, 6 4-star players, notably ATH Brandon Barnes and QB Mike Glennon. I have an unfortunate suspicion that NC State is about to make an upswing, not anything major, but this team is better than I figured under O’Brien.

– Last preseason, one of the idiots at ESPN.com said that UVA would be the most improved team in the nation. For the first time in his life, Mark Schlabach was moderately correct about something. I guess if you throw enough shit against the wall, something will stick a little, right? Virginia had a pretty solid season while the continue to get back on track after losing both coordinators a few years ago. This past year, they had a nice winning streak and looked tough as hell, then dropped the ball like usual. This recruiting class is shit. 18 commits and 1 4-star player. This coach is on the clock.

– They’ve pretty much got Virginia on lockdown at this point, with a class of 31 and 6 4-star players. I’m sure they’ll be pretty decent like usual, but then end up losing to someone terrible, also like usual. Another day in the life of minimal progress.

– For the talk of how great Jim Grobe is and now Wake is advancing, they brought in 17 commits and not one of them is worth mentioning at this point. They’re still Wake Forest, people.

2 responses to “2008 Recruiting Analysis.

  1. dude for Georgia Tech what do you expect when you hire a coach so late in the recruiting season?! Expect everyone to come clamoring in for a new coach, guys who don’t fit the new system to stay? ‘course not.

  2. Jones was hired at SMU later than Johnson at Tech, go look at his recruiting class. And that’s at a school way worse than Georgia Tech in a number of ways.

    It doesn’t matter when the coach was hired. That Tech class is pathetic.

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