2008 Recruiting Analysis: Pac-10


ARIZONA: There’s a bit of a sense of urgency out in Tucson now, as Mike Stoops is still failing to live up to his hiring hype. 23 signees for this class, all from the southwest, and 5 are 4-star prospects. Arizona needs to get more QB production and find a way to get some W’s on Stoops’ resume, because the battle over recruits against cross-state ASU and Dennis Erickson is only going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

ARIZONA STATE: After a resurging season under new head coach Dennis Erickson, ASU has brought in 27 commits to this class, 6 of which are 4-star prospects. This is the best class ASU has seen in awhile, and with there being room for upward mobility in the middle of the Pac-10, there’s no reason ASU won’t end up the second-best program in the conference, both in recruiting as well as wins, with Erickson at the helm.

CALIFORNIA: Probably the biggest disappointment in 2007 was the falling-off of Cal, who at one point was ranked 2nd in the nation. Head Coach Jeff Tedford continues to prove his naysayers correct about him being an average coach who was winning games in a terrible conference. With Pac-10 resurgence in ASU and UCLA, Cal will find themselves quickly the number 4 team or lower. This incoming class of 21 had 5 4-star prospects.

OREGON: A disappointing end to the Ducks season, as Heisman candidate quarterback Dennis Dixon went out with a bad injury. In his stead, briefly, was Brady Leaf, brother of All-Jackass QB Ryan Leaf, but thankfully Brady was benched pretty quickly. This class for the Ducks is decent. Out of 20 signees, 8 are 4-star prospects. Among them is Aldine, TX QB Darron Thomas, who has purchased every Quiji Board between Aldine and Eugene, Oregon in an attempt to harness the power of the spirit world and keep number-one QB prospect Terrelle Pryor from coming to Oregon, which is still a slight possibility.

OREGON STATE: 18 signees this year for the Beavers, and nothing worth mentioning except the strange attainment of the nation’s num. 1 ranked JUCO player, 5-star DE Simi Kuli, who picked Oregon State over LSU, Nebraska, Kansas State, and a ton of others.

STANFORD: Jim Harbaugh pulled off the biggest upset in recent college football history (yes, bigger than App. State over UM) last season when they let untested QB Tavita Pritchard throw a fade route in the endzone to beat juggernaut USC. Harbaugh’s rebuilding at Stanford is coming along, and for the 2nd straight year, he has pulled in a 4-star QB project. This class of 17 has 2 4-star prospects, which is decent for a team as down-in-the-dumps as Stanford has been recently.

UCLA: For all the flack Karl Dorrell received at UCLA, his recruiting classes were never the problem as to why UCLA was not winning enough games. This year, Dorrell put together what is probably the best class in UCLA history, before he was replaced by the much maligned Rick Neuheisel. This class of 23 has 12 4-star commitments, mainly all from California. Neuheisel inherits an absolute ton of potential with this program.

USC: Another gigantic class for Pete Carroll in terms of potential. 19 signees in total, with 2 5-star offensive linemen: Tyron Smith and Matt Kalil. 13 4-stars compliment what will assuredly be an NFL-soaked recruiting class a few years from now.

One response to “2008 Recruiting Analysis: Pac-10

  1. Last year for Stoop-id. His mouth has gotten out of control and its not keeping up with team’s play on the field. ASU has taken over recruiting in Arizona and will continue to out do AU with Erickson at the helm.


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