BARF Update: Lord Alfred Posts his April ACC Board


All of us here at British Awesome Recruiting Foundation are excited to announce another member to our team. No British tandem of excellence is complete with Lord Alfred Hayes, and neither was ours until JUST NOW. That’s right, Lord Alfred Hayes has joined the ranks of BARF along with me (DB), Marty Radovanic, Ricky, and Professor Pickles. We are looking forward to thousands of contributions by Lord Alfred, and the response from the fanbase has been tremendous so far. Lord Alfred will be posting his monthly conference predictions on “Lord Alfred’s British Big Board”. There may even be a Bushwhackers reunion on the horizon. No need for you to send us messages thanking us or showing your enthusiasm, because we already know how much you appreciate all of us for bringing you all your Sun Belt recruiting info. Thanks, in advance!!!

– Decibel

Tally ho, chaps! Lord Alfred Hayes here with the ACC conference inquiry. I will be updating monthly. As of now, I have the Hurricanes of Ye Olde Miamitown on top of the ACC. Notice the rapid decline of Boston’s College. The unit of footballdom that perks my interest in this upcoming year is the North Carolina State unit. Watch for an upswing in Mary’s Land as well, named after the former queen of the Realm. That’s all for now. Live from Piccadilly Square, I’m Lord Alfred Hayes.

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