Marty Radovanic reports: PA Rivals100 QB to announce TODAY

Welcome back, everyone, I’m Marty Radavonic, on assignment for BARF. Let me just tell you how great my trip has been so far. I was sent out west to cover the WAC and Mountain West, then found out THIS MORNING by TAE that I would flying to Philadelphia TODAY to cover this exciting event. If by “flying” TAE really meant “rent a car and drive across the country” then yes, I “flew” to Philly. I got to the airport to find out that no plans had been made for me to get on that flight. Then I ran into a fat guy who I had whacky adventures with on planes, trains, and even automobiles, all the way to Philly. We became friends by the end, even though we were of such different backgrounds. I think his name was John Candy. We had Christmas dinner at my family’s house because John didn’t have a home to go to. But I digress.

Well, today is a much anticipated day for recruiting followers and fans. 2009 top 100 quarterback (as rated by Tom Savage from Philadelphia is set to announce where he’ll be playing his college ball. Some may think it is a little early to announce a commitment for 2009, but a growing trend in college football is announce earlier and earlier each season. Savage (no known relation to either Michael Savage OR Randy Savage, but potentially related to FRED Savage) is pursued hard by a number of fine football programs, including Georgia, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Penn State, Rutgers, and Tennessee. Some even say that Rutgers is the frontrunner, however, to this time, Savage has only attended camp at Miami. I will keep you posted as this story unfolds. Live from the Mutter Museum in downtown Philadelphia, I’m Marty Radavonic.

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