Indiana Jones Goes Lego

So we are only 5 days away from “Lego Indiana Jones: The video Game” and i cannot wait. I love the Lego Star Wars games, and i am looking forward indeed to Indy going Lego.

Many people state that the Lego games are for kids…but have you ever played them? Sure, the games aren’t really that hard, but there are tons of secrets and characters and stages to unlock. And ain’t no kid gonna do that…no way. Well, maybe in Japan…

I think these games were made to be easy, so everyone can enjoy them, and not be frustrated with horrible difficulty like there is in most games that come out now.

Some games to me are so ridiculously hard, they aren’t even fun, or worth playing.

Some games i am better at then others, but why is it all games have to be damn near impossible to beat anymore unless you play it on easy? I’m sorry that i do have better things to do then sit around and play games 24 hours a day until i know the game inside and out, and i’m sorry i have better things to do then go on xbox live and put down people who aren’t as good as i am at certain games. Stop living in your parents basement, get a girlfriend, a fucking life and stop hounding everyone online because they “suck”. Especially kids. And i’m not talking about Call Of Duty, or Halo, since those games aren’t for kids anyway. I mean more family oriented games like “Rock Band”.

Lego Indiana Jones is gonna be pretty sweet, and i can’t wait to pick up an Xbox360 copy on tuesday when it comes out. And for all you morons that say “those games suck….” FUCK YOU.

Indy rules, and so do legos.

God i love the 80’s.

Except for hair bands.

I’ll post a review of the games after i buy it and play through it.

– StraTT

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