Damn hippies are still everywhere

Look, I will be honest and upfront here right off the bat; all of you jackasses come to MY website and read MY opinions whether you agree with them or not. The fact is, this is the first article I have personally written in a couple of months and all you dick cheeses still keep providing this site with thousands of hits a day so go ahead and rant and rave about how my opinion is worthless, but guess what ass hole, you’re reading right now aren’t you?

Ask yourself something, this in an unpublicized website, how did you find it? Could it possibly be because it came up in a web-search as an authority in whatever you were looking for? Beyond all of that, these are MY opinions, if you don’t like them move on and shut the fuck up. If you need someone to cry to I am sure your douche bag friends will be happy to sit around and have a cuddle party with you until your super sensitive self esteem feels a little less bruised. In short you’re an asshole, I am a bigger asshole, I am better than you and that’s why you are reading my shit. Life sucks, wear a helmet and if you are a big boy or girl and can’t take what I have to say…go fuck yourself.

That being said… damn hippies are still everywhere.

Recently I have noticed an influx of veganazis and douche bags cluttering up my website with their pro-vegetable agenda. Even worse are the real life assholes that mull around my community. Bad enough are the fucking McCain supportersand anti-abortion jackasses alternating every other block with their signs, come to think of it they both feature signs with disgusting shit you don’t want to look at, but I’ll move on; worse are all you fucktards that vote in support of non-smoking bars and increased taxes on cigarettes. I’ll admit it, I have recently quit smoking, but not because of any of you dip shits, I quit for my own reasons. Primarily because I realized when I started smoking that it could kill me and now that I have spawned I realize I would like to be around for awhile to hang out with my creation so I put down the Camels.

The reason I bring this up is because I didn’t need any help from hippie jackasses telling me I couldn’t or shouldn’t smoke. I, like most smokers am a very intelligent person and realized from the beginning that if I did it long enough it would kill me. I also realized that it was bothersome to other people so in groups where most people didn’t smoke, I wouldn’t smoke around them, but I had to constantly put up with fucking morons telling me all the time that it was “a disgusting habit” and that  I “really should quit”. I feel like most smokers which is…its my body, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with it, so shut your face hole.

Imagine if I started a campaign to make it illegal to be a Vegan. “That doesn’t make sense” you say, but I say nay…it makes perfect sense and here’s why, A Vegan abuses their body by depriving it of essential things it needs, Vegans who stick to the diet long enough look frail, old beyond their years and like they are going to die at any moment just like long-time smokers, and most importantly it is disgusting and bothersometo all people around them. They never fucking shut up about their lifestyle and how great it is not eat meat and how its going to save the world. AND just like smokers they fucking smell bad.

So there you have it cockbags, lets outlaw Veganisim and tax vegetables. While we’re at it lets all just admit that we are riding through space on this rock flying around the sun and we have messed it up so bad that we are all completely fucked so lets stop trying to commercialize “going green”. I am never ever going to listen to any jackass that says the term “carbon footprint”.

One response to “Damn hippies are still everywhere

  1. dave brewster

    Hey relax man. Let the Vegans take over. When they’ve gone far enough, we’ll kick their pale asses back to Greenland and take back this country. And as far as your opinion bothering someone else, well, let me put it to you like this: There’s not a thing in the world anybody can do to make their life longer than its going to be, so smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.

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