Ongoing Trucking Poem.

PART I. (7/01/08)

It was mid November and gettin cold and the Goodwill wasn’t workin’ no more
It was time for DB and the rest of the crew to haul meat to the Wal-Mart Stores.
Well they sent me down the Pike to my own delight way down ol’ Carlisle-town
The gang was rough but multi-colored from white to yellow to brown.
After trainin’ ended we went our ways never to see eachother again
But a couple o’ us ended up in Bedford all set for the Wal-Mart stint.
Well it was Paul and Leonard and Dave and me and ol’ McClintock too
So they paired us up, 2 teams of two, all four of us pretty new.
We were way up north of Bellefonte when the reefer started actin’ up
“The meats gon’ sour and the veggies too, better pull over and stop this truck.”
Well me and McClintock jumped out the cab and started beatin’ on that rig
It was right there on day 1 or 2 that I knew I was quittin’ this jig.
We got up to Elmira without any more hassle and we were both gettin’ pretty worn
Headin’ back down Rt. 15 I was fallin’ asleep and a-lookin’ for a Wal-Mart store.
It was up above ol’ Lock Haven town when I fell asleep at the wheel
I was startled awake by a red Camaro and the sound of the tire’s squeal.
We pulled off the exit and we took a nap and then drove down ol Bedford-town
I was rollin’ them wheels down 22 and I was a-layin’ that hammer down.
We picked up a load headin’ down Virginia and we listened to the sound of the night
“This here’s The Scarecrow and we’re lookin for a party tonight.
Cuz we’re two well-hung white boys, and there ain’t no bears in sight.”
Well no one answered our call of distress so we jerked eachother off in the cab
That ofcourse never happened, but thanks for readin’, and you can imagine what it would have been like if it had.

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