Independence Day

You know like most holidays the 4th of July of every year gets on my nerves.About a month before the day is even close, morons are out at their local Wal-Mart ready to buy things that go boom, or make some loud stupid noises that are designed to impress even the stupidest of monkeys.

It’s a shame that on the day we are supposed to celebrate our independence, we are too busy watching flashing lights and listening to idiots yell “damn dat was loud yo”.

Have we really fallen so far down the chain of evolution that we are impressed by ten dollar cardboard objects that we light on fire and watch brightly colored fuzz spew from it’s cheaply constructed holes?

I thought on this day, we should eat food, spend the day with loved ones, and remember that even though this country has it’s problems (and lately it’s a lot of them) but still at LEAST be satisfied with the fact that we don’t live in brazil or africa were people are starving to death.

Instead, we light off stupid fireworks that annoy our neighbors when they are trying to sleep, or just relax, and eat so much more food then we need to, we could save a dying third world country.

It’s to my understanding that the whole “fireworks” thing is supposed to be a reenactment of the past wars, where we remember those who died for our country in order for us to have the very little freedoms that we have today.But apparently people don’t care about that anymore, all they care about is eating more food then they should, and listening to stupid cheap explosions that are supposed to remind us of our freedom.

Do you really think your neighbor that has a john deer pro tractor parked on his drive way is thinking of the people that died for this country when he lights off his quarter stick of dynamite? Hell no, he just wants to impress all of the other stupid people around him by making the biggest boom, and blowing up a small part of the country he’s supposed to love.

Do you really think your neighbor with the $200, 000 gas grill, that if lite improperly could blow up half of Russia really cares that there are countries where people starving to death? No, all he cares about is being able to cook 12 hamburgers at the same so he can shove them down his selfish gullet while spewing crumbs in your face telling you that your local sports team is “gonna win it all this year”.

Wow America, thats a great way to celebrate the freedom that our fore fathers and great grand parents died for.

Now hold on just a minute before you start judging me…theres is nothing wrong with celebrating the 4th of July…all i ask is that you do remember why you are celebrating it.

Have a cook out.

Have fireworks.

Then watch “saving private Ryan”, or any War movie to top the day off.

Was it worth all those people dying in wars so you could stuff your fat ass with food or blow off your fingers with cheap chin ease fireworks?

You tell me.

Everyone just takes holidays for granted.

All i ask is that you remember WHY you have the right to over eat, or blow off bodily appendages.

– StraTT

2 responses to “Independence Day

  1. I like when you blow on my penis!

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