Fredward V. Duck gives his support to Barack Obama

At a press conference outside of the Hey Stupid World Headquarters today Fredward V. Duck announced that the Why Not Party realizes today that the amount of money needed to successfully campaign against McCain and Obama could be put to much better use and feels at this juncture that continuing on a path toward a presidential election would not be the most productive thing they could do.

Fredward went on to say that after reviewing both candidates, Senator Obama holds views closest to that of the WNP and feels that he would make a fantastic president. He also went on to say that he would love the opportunity to be considered as a running mate, but if not he and the entire WNP would continue to lend there support to “Change we can believe in”.

Fredward also wanted to make clear that this is in no way the WN party’s  way of conceding defeat, and that in 4 years he will indeed run again, but for now there are many other issues that require the party’s attention.

When asked if he personally felt like the party was letting him down he said “Politics can be a nasty business that seems to thrive on money that other people need, it is all just “water off a duck’s back”.

He ended the press conference encouraging people to get out and vote no matter who they voted for.

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