Anheuser-Busch, you’re welcome.

As some of you may or may not know by now Anheuser-Busch  was purchased this morning by InBev SA in a $52 billion…wait wait, 52 BILLION DOLLAR bid.

So, it appears right now, Anheuser-Busch is no longer the KING but just another subject of the European brewing giant. Why the sale you ask? Why would a company that held a huge share of the American beer market sell/ Well, you could say it is because of slumping beer sales across the board, or you could say it is because the American dollar is so weak right now that it is easy for European companies to offer what seems to be astronomical sums to purchase U.S companies, but I like to think there is another reason.

I like to believe that the reason Anheuser-Busch sold is because of the crushing blow that this website, and its partner band Renegade Revival delivered last November. To catch everyone up as quickly as possible, here is the short short version. I made some comments a while back regarding the purchase of the Rolling Rock brand by Anheuser-Busch and how they closed the Rolling Rock plant, further destroying the economy in Latrobe, PA which just so happens to be the community neighboring where I grew up. I went on to state that I never particularly cared for Bud or Bud light and that though they guaranteed the Rolling Rock product went unchanged, something in the recipe or the production had changed because it no longer tasted like Rolling Rock. An Anheuser-Busch rep contacted me with a highly unprofessional response, I tried to reason with her on a person to person level a couple times and then decided to prove how much more important I was by mounting a web campaign (against her not Anheuser-Busch). It wasn’t long until enough people contacted Anheuser-Busch on my behalf that I was contacted by people from Anheuser-Busch corporate and was officially aapologized too and offered a truckload of beer which I happily accepted and enjoyed.

Now I am not an idiot, though I like to think, and will probably drunkenly tell people, that I had something to do with Anheuser-Busch being sold, I realize that this was strictly a business deal. I do find it sad and funny that Anheuser-Busch and the people of St. Louis are fighting so hard to keep the headquarters in the Gateway city and the product exactly the same, when it was these very same people who told me and all the other western PA residents that we should basically shut the hell up when they purchased Rolling Rock. They told us this because they believed that they knew better how to run the brand, how to market the brand and how to make the product.

Now I see that InBev SA is going to sell off “noncore assets”  to raise over $7 billion for financing the deal. You tell me, do you think that they are going to offer the chance to purchase the Rolling Rock brand to the people of Latrobe the way they wanted too back when it went up for sale? No, more than likely it won’t be purchased by anyone because Anheuser-Busch never really did anything different to market the brand from what the Latrobe Brewing Company did in the first place and since it isn’t a “market powerhouse’ it will probably be shelved completely and Rolling Rock will be lost forever.

Believe me good people, if I could afford it and it went up for sale, hell I would buy it and move it back to Latrobe.

Oh well, time for a cold one.


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