I banged my step-sister

Well, no, but she gave me an all-nude lap-dance.

That’s what happened I took a nap. I go to sleep and I get a lapdance from a hot redhead who happens to be my step-sister. I think it is only HALF wrong to bang your step-sister, and if it is half wrong, George Carlin told us it is also half right by process of elimination.

I have seen this girl someplace in real life. I have no idea where. If I see her I will let her know why we are soulmates.

Think that’s a good ice-breaker?

Thus continues my streak of insane dreams when I take naps.

According to local favorite Mike Miller, I did not get a lapdance from my stepsister.

“That’s not your stepsister. That’s your HALF sister. That’s your sister.”

Then I said, “It’s not like we grew up together and knew eachother. She didnt look anything like me or my dad, so I dont think its all that big of a deal. I think I would have slept with her.”

“I know you would have, buddy.”

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