The world as I see it, or, The Gospel according to E-Rokk.

Perhaps it is just me, but I find myself questioning the existence of American society more and more recently. Allow me to clarify, the country (as a society not a geographical entity) seems to be teetering on the bring of extinction. Think of it as the fall of the Roman Empire, only replace The Holy Roman Empire with the U.S. I guess that was kind of self explanatory.

Aside from the obvious facts that we manufacture almost nothing; pay union employees WAY too much for what precious little things we do manufacture; our government is flushing us all down the toilet in order to try and make us believe we need them; the media has become nothing more than a parasite feeding on the fears of the citizens; our economy is completely destroyed; our military is deployed all over the world; veganisim, political correctness, non-offensiveness and general douche baggery has become our common currency; and opinionated assholes write ridiculously long run on sentences about how much it all sucks, our generation is being raped without us even knowing it.

What little culture our generation did have to call its own, be it comics, movies, music, books, cartoons, tv shows, pop references or video games, is being stolen away from us, repackaged, watered down, destroyed and resold to those coming up behind us. Which pretty much leaves us with nothing.

Think about it like this, and I am speaking to the people in my generation, your grandparents grew up in the great depression and then fought through World War 2 and Korea and then went on to basically rebuild our entire country earning themselves the title of “the greatest generation”. Your parents, fought in Vietnam, protested against Vietnam, made major strides in racial equality, spawned and killed disco, were responsible for classic rock and punk, and gave us some of the greatest movies of all time. Finally, your slightly older brothers and sisters remember the opening of “A New Hope”, were still shy of Atari and grew up to start internet startups and make millions. We on the other hand seem to have only influences.

We were influenced by the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy and Indiana Jones Trilogy. We were influenced by the great Marvel and DC comic wars, influenced by Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, N64 and Playstation. We were influenced by cartoons like Transformers, G.I. Joe, The Masters of the Universe and music like, punk, grunge alternative and rap but we created NONE of it.

Now, all of that is being taken away from us, mostly because there is nothing else to sell (because we haven’t created anything new) to the current generation than the memories we cherish. Oh what, we can give them Myspace and Facebook? Who gives a fuck?

So what am I driving at? We have created nothing. We have manufactured nothing and our “jobs” don’t allow us to generate the kind of credit it takes to purchase homes, cars and so on. This in turn causes us to default on our loans and basically destroy our economy. All told we have fucked ourselves and the generation behind us. Worse yet instead of taking responsibility for all of this we blame it on the generations before us.

Maybe if some of you “go green” mother fuckers would turn all of your attention to rebuilding our manufacturing base we would have decent jobs to go to. Maybe if we would all stop believing all of the shit the media feeds down our throat that “terrorists are threating our freedom”, “pollution is killing the planet” and “oil is so expensive that we have to pay $50 a gallon for gas” and actually did some of our own research more of us would be smart enough to put the cheese burgers down and point out North America on a fucking map.

Let’s face it, most of us a stupid, lazy and obese. The American dream used to be, work hard, provide a good life for our families, push our kids to do better than we did and one day earn the nice house and the shiny car. Now its a fucking contest to see who can have the most expensive shit by the time they’re 30 while not paying attention to the fact that we are all in debt up to our eyeballs.

I hope you have a horrible day.

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