Brett Favre sucks.

I couldn’t be any happier with this outcome. With Favre in New York, it is a sports writer’s wet-dream, but all those writers are gonna be talking about how Favre is having the worst season of his career.
I am predicting a few things:

Worst season of his career
2. His last season, for good.

3. Jets win 5 games maximum.

4. Favre does not go through this season without missing a game or two because of injury.

5. Said injury will be completely embellished.

6. Favre walks off the field after 80% of his sets of downs with his head low and I love every second of it.

I have nothing but sports-hate for Brett Favre after how he handled all this nonsense. I could not be happier with how Green Bay threw him away for what I am guessing is a 4th round pick. I can’t wait to watch how Brett Favre’s terrible season gets more air-time than other teams doing WELL.

17 responses to “Brett Favre sucks.

  1. I agree. Fav-Re sucks. He will regret this foolish decision after he gets pounded into submission by Mssrs. Vrabel, Thomas, Seymour, and Wilfork. This decision will get Mangina fired as well. Sweet revenge!

  2. you may need to re-think#1,#3, and #6.

  3. It’s a long season. Farve has been up and down. What’s been consistent is him throwing interceptions. I love when people refer to Favre as a wily old veteran. Wiley old veterans make up for their declining physical talents by using their experience and brains. I never see this with Favre, and no one was a bigger fan of Brett Favre than me. His throw in the NFC Championship game against the Giants said it all. Why he’s playing with the Jets is a genuine mystery to me.

  4. I love when people respond to stuff I dont even remember writing.

  5. Wonderful post. The person, not a man, is a dodo with no redeeming points at all. He burned them all, and with fans who adored him. Hope he likes life.

  6. I am Jet fan and i thought getting Favre was a publicity stunt, nothing more. He is not the player he was 10 years ago, and still insists on chucking the ball into triple coverage time and again. Seriously they should have lost to the Chiefs yeterday, and it was all on Favre. HE was brutal, i dont care about the last drive…that was all on Washintons return that set them up at the chiefs 40. the Jets screwed Chad, and it will burn them. Right now, pennington is the better player.

  7. I hate favre. im a packer fan and i hate his trator ass. i hope he never comes back to wisconsin. Hey jets fans, wait till he throws up that stupid – what the?? — why? pass that leads to jets loosing in the play offs. I feel your pain.

  8. The interception king does indeed suck. The Joke got voted to the pro bowl today. What a travesty. i am gonna love watching Pennington come into the last game and send that fraud phony home and out of the playoffs.

  9. I know hindsight is always 20/20, but you were completely wrong about every one of your predictions. Don’t go to Vegas.

  10. Ha ha two more picks for the joke yesterday. He belongs with the jets they both suck.

  11. Epic fail against miami, the classless ass ran off the field without shaking hands too. Favre is a loser.

  12. Favre is a fucking douche. Singlehandedly destroying your teams playoff hopes is no small feat. Most people who DON’T NEED SURGERY, will just say that their arm is banged up or sore, instead, as predicted, they are now reporting that Favre has a partial torn bicep. YEAHHHH RIGHHHHT. Complete bullshit and a total sissy excuse for a crappy season. Having a passing rater no higher than the low 60s in the last five games is PATHETIC. If you are hurt that bad, sit the fuck out like a real man and GOOD TEAM PLAYER and let the backup throw the damn ball. I’m sure that dude, whoever he is, could post up a sub-70 passer rating on his own. Favre better just shut the fuck up this time and retire already.

  13. Farve always was a bitch! he NEVER was a good player! all he does is show off! so he should do himself a favor and quit! SO IF UR READING THIS BRET JUST FUCK OFF AND QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. He is my opionion in the same class as Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. Overated asshole jerks. The Hall of Shame for Brett

  15. Austin Snyder

    The Brett Favre Autobiography:
    Interception, interception, interception. Touchdown, I’m a hero!

  16. Milton Dozmeister

    Hopefully that POS will not show is face in Minnesota.
    Keep Minnesota cheeze free!!!!
    At least Green Bay is not owned by a fuckin gold-sniffing
    jew like the Vicqueens.

  17. When the Vikings needed 3, they had to settle for 4.

    New menu item from Wisconsin: Gloatville Brettworst. Made with extra cheese. guaranteed to give heartburn

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