Wikipedophile: Dustin King

King Dut


Dustin Warrior King (born May 12, 1959 in Liberty Park, PA), better known as King Dut, is a Hard rock and Heavy Metal singer for the rock band SNYDER and C.R.O.Y.L.E.

Dut began singing in the shower to block out the memories of getting raped by Space Bigfoot. His obsession with wrestling and hard rockin bands lead him to a friendship with Turbo Charger and the two formed a band.

After the demise of C.R.O.Y.L.E. the two stuck together to form SNYDER and take the world by storm. After the break up of SNYDER Dut reformed C.R.O.Y.L.E. and released an album of all new material.

That band stopped in 1996 when Dut took over as the lead singer of SNYDER again.

Personal Life

Dut is a non-recovering alcoholic, constant masturbator and internet hooligan who taunts people with college football crap. He likes drinking cheap wine and having sex in friends’ grand-pa’s campers and naming stray cats he has met.

Dut currently lives in Euless, Texas where he owns a bed and breakfast called Hopsho’s House of Humpin’ and lives with his wife Krakatoa. He has been married 19 times and has 38 children.

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