Wikipedophile: Turbo Charger

Turbo Charger


Rocky Bensonhurst Devinshire Willhelm Prost Van Croyle (born June 1, 1959 in South Fork, PA), better known as Turbo Charger, is a Hard rock and Heavy Metal guitarist and singer for the rock bands SNYDER and C.R.O.Y.L.E.

Turbo started picking the six string after receiving a Bret Gorzelski signature edition guitar his parents got form him from Glosser Brothers on his eigth birthday. By the age of ten Rocky was playing in a local band made up of other German Americans called The Button Box Rockers and recorded his first song, “I like my beer warm like they serve in hell”.

In 1971his parents were killed in a tragic pig roast explosion and he went to live with his estranged uncle Victor Von Charger where he was heavily influenced by his uncle’s hard rock band, The Seeders. Providing him with a new sound and a new direction Rocky took the stage name Turbo Charger and put a band together called Turbo’s Chargers. Turbo’s Chargers broke up when Turbo had sexual relations with one of the other members mothers.

In 1977 Turbo met Dustin King at a local wrestling fan convention and the two hooked up to form C.R.O.Y.L.E., after that band fell apart the two decided to start SNYDER.

After King Dut was booted out of SNYDER in 1991 Charger held open auditions and found a new front man for the band. Soon after a long drawn out legal battle began which saw what little friendship Dut and Turbo had left dissolve completely. Dut rejoined SNYDER and Turbo left with most of the other band members and decided to pursue his own musical career.

Turbo Charged

From 1992 until 2001 Turbo released a series of albums with an ever changing line up of personal friends/musicians under the name Turbo Charged. While these albums were mostly covers, there were a few original songs in the mix such as “My Time As A Monkey Rancher” and Doctor Frankenstein Shaves His Balls”. Some say these albums went on to inspire the Misfits to launch a comeback, others say they are crap.

Back with SNYDER

In 2002 Turbo took the stage with King Dut, Cimba, Groz and Nasty to perform what was thought to be a one time gig as an acoustic set on MTV’s Unplugged. After the show the band all made up and began touring again. Dut and Turbo are now closer than ever.

Personal Life

In 1985 Turbo became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and founded the Church of Alcohol. Since the inception of the CoA, Turbo has preached the gospel according to Jack, Jim, Maker’s and Turkey.

Now divorced for the 8th time Turbo, his 16 kids, their nannies and his sex slaves (not his children, women he pays for sex) all live on his private island, Van Croyleland in the Caribbean.

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