Wikipedophile: Just The Tip


Just The Tip is the debut studio album by American hard rock band SNYDER. Released in 1983, it was well-received by fans and though hated by critics it topped the American Billboard 200chart. As of August 2009, the album has been certified diamond (plus 18x platinum) by the RIAA,[2] accumulating worldwide sales in excess of twenty-eight million as of July 2009.[3] The album still remains the fastest-selling debut album in the history of the world ever.[4]


King Dut stated in 1985 that many of the songs featured on the album had been written while the band had been living in a cave down near Beaver stadium. This probably isn’t true though just as the claim that Joe Paternois actually King Dut’s father is a flat out lie.

Closer to the truth is probably a quote from Turbo in a 1999 Hit Parader interview, “Dut, Cimba and I were sitting down at the Ranger on a back table drinkin sixers of Straub and terrorizing little kids for their ice cream. While we sat there we started shouting things at the chicks coming out of the high school and Dut wrote it all down and made it rhyme.

SNYDER entered Willow Beach studios in March of 1982 to begin work on the album. Production was delayed for a time as Cimba’s wrist was fractured on the third day fo recording, doctor’s said it probably wouldn’t have happened if his wrists weren’t so limp.

Production got back on track in September and on June 7th, 1983 Just The Tip was released.

Track Listing

Just The Tip

I have to be honest, this is one of my favorites. This song is not only the perfect opener for the album, but the perfect opener for SNYDER’s career. A 54 second sering guitar solo fades into a build up of the band leading into a long scream from King Dut which then smashes into your ear drums with the lyric, “Your mama should have warned you ’bout guys like me, I’m a snake in the grass, love the way you shake your ass, baby you got just what I need”.

The song stays in high gear through the bridge and into the lead where Bodie Mann and Turbo duel for guitar supremacy where the major winner is the listener. Dut then delivers the most memorable vocal performance of his entire career and the song ends leaving you wanting, dare I say needing,  more.


One of the few musical gems completely written by Cimba, Ramrod tells the tale of a man who may or may not have raped another person that may or may not have been alive at the time of the raping and may or may not have been another man. The song is cryptic, full of double meanings and a little gay…just like Cimba.

Lickin’ Up Your Love Juice

This track, more so than any other is a showcase for, The Wizard of Groz. His intricate bass lines, his difficult finger work and his trademark “bass barking” technique all blend together to weave a beautiful, mystical tapestry. A tapestry that grabs you be the side of the head and ear fucks your brain into a state of rock n’ roll never achieved before this album by any band ever.

Dut drops in a vocal performance that is both animalistc and unpredictable while maintaining a sort of chaotic beauty while Bodie and Turbo both deliver hot riffs over Cimba’s steady back beat. This is a solid rocker any way you slice it.

Take It Off, Get It On

KISS had “Rock N’ Roll All Night”, Guns N’ Roses had “Welcome To The Jungle” and Led Zeppelin had “Whole Lotta Love”, but none have ever rivaled the intensity, the power and the insanity set forth by Take It Off, Get It On.

“Loose women in tight jeans always make me feel good, long legs in a little dress got me sproutin wood, baby take off that shirt, I promise this won’t hurt, at least not as much as it could” has become one of the most recognizable lines in the history of hard rock thanks to Dut’s vocal stylings and perfect delivery.

In Her Eyes

The fifth track on the album is “In Her Eyes”. This song is instantly offensive. With a title and an intro that make it sound like it could be a love song, after 20 seconds it breaks into screaming guitars and lyrics about receiving oral sex in a filthly bus station bathroom stall from a girl with no teeth. “She took out her dentures and she got on her knees, then she looked up at me and said, ‘put it where you please'” and “Sometimes I aim for the chest, sometimes I slap it on their thighs, but this little lady had it all in her eyes” are just an example of the type of lyrics that fill this song.  Bodie Mann does execute what is probably his best and tightest solo on the album in this track.

Party In The Bush

The controversy surrounding this song almost kept the album from being released entirely. An early recording of this song was stolen from the studio by an angered ex-employee and was distributed through a boot leg network. The lyrics to this song were so filthy, so vile and depraved that one young man who was studying to be a minister left the seminary removed all of his clothing and for three weeks tormented the Lower East Side as the “Manhattan Masturbator”. When authorities finally apprehended him he was screaming the lyrics to Party In The Bush and had a crazed look in his eyes. He had allegedly smeared his own semen on 108 women.

As for the song itself it is always a crowd favorite.

Backseat Girl

Originally written by Turbo for Jackie Fox, formerly of the Runaways Turbo decided to keep the song after a messy affair with Fox. The song begins as a slow acoustic jam and for the first half leads the listener to believe it is an instrumental until Dut calmly states, “If its got tits or tires it’ll cost you money and piss you off” and then screams “OH SHE’S A BACKSEAT GIRRRRRRRRRRL”.

The second half of the song is the most guitar heavy of any on the album, featuring nine different guitar riffs, a chorus riff, a lyrical riff, seven leads and a bridge with a healthy scoop of feedback at the end. Groz took his bass for a walk in what Bass Player magazine called one of the defining bass lines of the 1980’s and Cimba’s drumming was so intense that Pete Townshend was once quoted as saying, “If Mooney (Kieth Moon) had lived long enough to hear the way Cimba smacked those skins he would have killed himself in a fit of jealousy”.

Dut was the icing on this musical cake, laying down vocals that can instantly make a woman’s panties moist. His vocal range was far beyond any of his peers including Freddy Mercury and Ronnie James Dio.

Bacon and Legs

The only song on the album to showcase Dut playing an instrument features King blowing on a harmonica. This classic track is soaked in southern rock style with more of a metal edge and spins a yarn about a sexual romp with a busty female police officer.

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