Wikipedophile: 2009 Still Hard Tour.

Still Hard Tour

On August 28th 2009 the hard rock/heavy metal group SNYDER gave a press conference on the deck of the USS. Geroge Washingtonto announce their full tour schedule and details of the tour.

still hard

The Press Conference

On August 27th SNYDER told the world via a message on their fan club website that they would soon be holding a press conference to make a major announcement. While most people speculated that it would have something to do with the upcoming release of their newest album, “Come Again” it was rumored that the conference would be to announce the return of Bodie Mann to the group. Either way, expectations were high.

At 8:45 am EST the USS Carrier USS George Washington came into port where a crowd of reporters representing the bulk of the world’s news agencies were waiting. Standing at the bow in full costume and make-up were the members of SNYDER.  The press was brought on board and a question and answer session began.

The Tour

The main focus of the press conference was to announce a new world tour and give full details. The 2009, Still Hard Tour would be launching at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Sept 11th 2009. The tour is to include 262 dates with stops at almost every major venue on Earth.

The SNYDER line up for the tour will be King Dut, Turbo Charger, Cimba, Groz and Nasty as well as aditional musicians such as Brett “One For The Money Wilson” on keyboard, Joe “The Darkness Chulick” on percussion and a chorus of back up singers.

The tour itself, which borders on being a traveling music festival, will include the following acts:

Schatz In The Dark
Amber and the Bum Rushers
Rick Mitchell’s Metal Masters
Peter Criss and the Catwomen from the Moon
The Explosionaros
Jessie and the Rippers

The Bodie Mann rumor.

For months a rumor has been circulating that oricinal lead guitarist Bodie Mann would return to the group as a third guitarist. Many questions directed at the group were in regards to this rumor but everytime the group stood firm that it was completely untrue.

“While we have patched things up with Bodie and we are all good friends again, the truth is we all agree we just can’t be band mates. Its like buying a bottle of The Glenlivet and adding Natty Ice to it. Its not a good idea and it ruins the overall greatness. Beyond that Schatz In The Dark has become an extremely popular band on the gay night club scene and they deserve their shot at greatness, which they’ll probably fail at.”

King Dut

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