A couple of bands that aren’t that great. Part 2

Radiohead: Everybody goes on and on about this piece of shit no talent band of fucktards  like they shit golden hookers. Their music sucks my fucking ass and they all seem like a bunch of pretentiousass holes and Thom Yorke looks like he has fucking Downs Syndrome. I know, it’s all because of a “botched surgery” that he has a droopy eye. In reality it seems more likely that he has a fucking disease AND has been semenated in the eye. Oh I am sure there are a couple of you cock suckers out there saying “oh this guy just doesn’t get their music”. You’re absofuckinglutely correct. Mostly because NO ONE gets their music. It is fucking shit. Seriously. It makes me want to rape your mother…again.

Dave Matthews Band: This one is tough for me to go off about because I do enjoy listening to them and on top of that, Dave Matthews is extremely talented and they are even more enjoyable when paired with Tim Reynolds. The awful truth is though that they really aren’tas great as everyone makes them out to be. Not all of their songs are that great but god damn it if you don’t talk to any stoned college fuck and they will make it seem like Dave Matthews is a god. Beyond that, the next person who says” The DMB” can expect me to send them a fucking letter bomb filled with Anthrax and shrapnel. Eat a big bowl of dicks ocvered in shit.

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