A couple of bands that aren’t that great. Part 3

Pink Floyd:I won’t sugar coat this at all. Pink Floyd sucks a big fat fucking cock. Now in all honesty this series “A couple of bands that aren’t that great” was originally created just to offer some counter points to all the people that love over-rated bands so much they want to lick the shit out of their ass holes, but Pink Floyd is above and beyond over rated, primarily because they suck right out loud and yet at least %70 of rock fans dig them and 100% of stoner douche bags do. I have heard all the arguments about how far ahead of their time they were and about how every album tells a story from start to finish. Fuck all that. All a Pink Floyd album entails is a collection of cheap sound effects with some shitty music in between.

Now I will be the first to admit that I dig the movie The Wall, I thought it was pretty decent but everything else about them sucks. I just want buy into this idea that they are “deep and artistic geniuses”. They are deep and echoey ass holes. Piss on them and their ridiculous fans.

The Grateful Dead: You know what, I am not wasting my time. This band is fucking worthless and anyone who has actually bothered to listen to their god awful music ber would agree. Cherry Garcia ice cream sucks too.

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