Wikipedophile:Turbo’s Chargers

Turbo’s Chargers is an American rock band formed in Hollywood, CA in 1992. After the “break up” of SNYDER Turbo Charger’s manager suggest he embark on a solo career to which Turbs responded, “I drink alone and I shit alone, I don’t make music alone. Now hand me my Maker’s Mark you pussy.”

After some consideration Turbo decided he did want a chance to write anything he wanted and explore all different kinds of music and he wanted to work with a lot of different musicians so he decided  to do the project and put together a different supergroup for every album.


Turbo’s Chargers during the STARCRUSHER era. Turbo Charger, Dave Grohl, Johnny Pope, Stratt the Ripper and The JaGe

Since the reunion of SNYDER in 2002 Turbo’s Chargers has remained inactive and though no official statement has been made as to the current status of the project, it is widely assumed the group will remain inactive.

Band members

Current members

Former members


Year Title Chart position Certification
US 200[1] UK[8] U.S.[5] CAN[6]
1992 Charged Up 35 40 Platinum Platinum
1993 Rock And Roll To Death 30 41 Platinum Platinum
1995 Starcrusher 18 6 Platinum Platinum
1997 Dirty Sheets 22 19 Platinum Platinum
1999 Big Package 24 21 Platinum Platinum
2001 Shocker 22 19 Platinum Platinum

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