SNYDER: Cimba Update.

After yesterday’s tragic news about Justin “Little Boots” Cimba’s death in a Port Huron bath house no one expected the details to be normal, but no one expected this.


Cimba as featured in SNYDER:Rockband

As mentioned in the previous story, Cimba’s death was reported to the police by an anonymous caller from a pay phone across the street. Police did an initial search of the area for the caller, but after a long night of interviews the PHPD now has a key suspect.

Both bath house staff and a few locals confirmed that Cimba checked into the bath house with a partner. Staff described a man of average height and build, in his mid fifties, with long blond hair, a mustache and a goatee. He apparently gave the name “Roland Taylor” and was wearing black sunglasses, a cowboy hat and kept his collar close to his face.

After some digging, detectives discovered that Cimba had been working with Tommy Shaw to write a new album featuring Cimba on drums, Shaw on guitar and  Avril Lavigne on vocals. The group had planned to debut on American Idol and then do a full tour after the upcoming SNYDER tour.

While Shaw does fit the description of the man who checked into the bath house with Cimba and his middle name is Roland, no one is accusing him of having anything to do with Cimba’s death, or even being the man in question, though police would like to speak with him.

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