A couple of bands that aren’t that great. Part 4

Led Zeppelin: Jesus Christ, this band is everywhere all the time. Don’t get me wrong, the Zepp is a truly fantastic band. They had well written songs and they were all intense musicians, but lets face it, they are WAY over hyped. If you listen to any radio station (am/fm/sat or otherwise) you will hear no less than 42 Led Zepppelin songs per hour and you will ALWAYS here, D’yer Maker, Heart Breaker, Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love and Rock & Roll.

Once again I am not questioning their talent, but everyone walks around jamming out to these guys sucking their dicks off. They just aren’t THAT great. Maybe MAYBE in the 70’s at the hype of Zeppmania my opinion would have been different but the fact is I just don’t see them deserving all the hype they still get, though I do respect them.

Rod Stewart: Don’t even get me started. This guy hasn’t been worth whiile since Faces. Do I think your sexy? No! Sure, maybe “The Motown Song” isn’t the most awful thing I have ever heard, but everything else he has ever done is. Rod Stewart is garbage. On a side note, I WOULD listen to his ENTIRE collection while watching all his videos featuring him prancing around in his black spandex pants with a smile on my face for the chance to pound his daughter, Kimberly Stewart’s, delicious vag.

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