SNYDER: The Movie

In the history of Hollywood no movie has ever had so many actors commit to a film in such a short time. It was just hours ago that an unidentified source near Col. Dolan mentioned a rumor that a SNYDER movie was in the works. Before the ink dried on the article Dolan’s phone was blowing up with the Hollywood elite trying to land a part in the film.

Well there is no word yet as to what the movie will exactly be about we know it will be based on the SNYDER story and we can only hope it will cover all the gory details of their existence.  We hope to have details on a working title and some plot points very soon.

Here is the cast list so far, you can tell by looking at some of the characters that were cast that this film will cover the “C.R.O.Y.L.E.” story as well as recent events including the death of Cimba and the addition of Dolan.

Young Dut- Michael Cera

Young Turbo- Shia LaBeouf

Young Groz- Jesse Eisenberg

Young Cimba- Daniel Radcliffe

Young Bodie- Emile Hirsch

Young Noah- Martin Starr

Billy Squier- Himself

Donnie Iris- Himself

Marty Radovanic- Himself

Poopsie- Gene Simmons

The Octopuss- Christina Ricci/Megan Fox/Lindsay Lohan/Hilary Duff/Michelle Trachtenberg/ Brooke Hogan/Mila Kunis/Keira Knightley

Switch Blade- DJ Qualls

Billy Bearer- Bryan Adams

Amber Mylam- Paul Giamatti

“Litttle” Tommy Ridge- Pat Sajak

Old Dut- Mickey Rourke

Old Turbo- Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Old Groz- Ron Perlman

Old Cimba- Simon Pegg

Old Bodie- Rainn Wilson

Old Noah- Larry Bishop

Rick Mitchell- Vince Vaughn

Dolan- Edward Norton

Writer- Turbo Charger, Dustin King, Craig Brewer, Quentin Tarantino

Director- Aaron Norris

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