SNYDER: Groz Update 3


In an unprecedented turn of events, Jim Grosik has once again quit SNYDER. Early Wednesday, the news hit the streets that the world-famous bassist quit the band after taking personal offense to Turbo Charger’s political correctness following Groz’s racism-filled rap album “Gozle Nigga7 $”. Groz later rejoined the band and offered a very forced apology to the Mexicans he insulted all over his album.

Today, Groz is history. Again.

“I quit that (expletive) band again. That’s right, you heard me. They don’t want my rap songs on the SNYDER movie soundtrack, and I don’t want to be in their (expletive) movie then. I want my likeness removed, they can all go (expletive) themselves,” Grosik said in a phone interview Thursday evening with CNN. There has not yet been any statements released from anyone else in the band.

But the “Gozle Nigga7 $” story does not end there. Grosik managed to find a rap label to carry and distribute his rap CD. Who Da Fool Records has agreed to promote and release the racist album. “We here up at Who Da Fool know some talent when we hearin’ it,” said label executive and founder Lil’ Teapot. “We gon’ to da top o’ da charts wif da G-Roz and da Nigga7. Da world is ready for racism. Blacks ain’t sittin’ by and lettin’ Mexicans steal our M.O. We have cornered the market on laziness. Ain’t no Mexican gonna steal my scene.”

“Gozle Nigga7 $” should be available via the label’s website somewhere around the end of November, and Groz will also be featured on a rap compilation the label is releasing with talents like Nate Dogg and Macho Man Randy Savage. “There’s a lot of similarities between me and Randy Savage. We are both celebrities, have dark hair, and we are forging our own rap trail. We also hate Hulk Hogan,” Grosik said at the end of the interview. In fact, Grosik’s album takes a pot-shot at the Hulkster just like Savage did, only Groz called attention to the losses Hulk Hogan suffered at the hands of Yokozuna and The Undertaker. “The Undertaker would (expletive) KILL Hulk Hogan in a fight. And Yokozuna might be dead, but Hogan knows the truth… He was never a real champion, he will never be as good as Big Boss Man, and just like King Dut and Turbo Charger, they will NEVER be as rich with SNYDER as I will be as a rap artist. You just watch and see.”

When asked for his opinion on the situation Turbo had this to say, “How dare that mother fucker, after all this band has done for him!!! Some one call up Lemmy Kilmister and get us a proper fucking bassist. We are done carrying his dead weight. I bet he probably had something to do with Cimba’s death too. I never trusted that ass hole.”

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