May I blow up the world now?

I am asking this in the most serious manner. May I PLEASE destroy the world now? I am losing my ability to block out all of the shit that keeps pouring down around me and I would love to put us all out of our misery!

Think I am being melodramatic? Let me ask you something, how many times did you hear or see something about “The Jonas Brothers” or “Twilight” today? If you did and it didn’t completely enrage you I hope it at least angered you a little, otherwise you’re the reason for my current mindset.

It was bad enough when media, and by media I mean music, movies, magazines, tv etc; was shitty because all executives gave a shit about was churning out low cost, high profit shit to take your money. It sucked, but I could deal with it because I could block it out. Now however one of the Seven Seals marking the End of Days is being opened.

Companies Disney, News Corp. and your mom (ha ha) are custom building this horse shit to appease the lowest common denominator of our culture and then expanding it to every possible outlet.

Over the last few days as I have been browsing the Internet in my morning, hung over stupor I have noticed more and more articles about the upcoming movie “Twilight”. I decided that perhaps it is something I should look into (not the movie, the volume of the articles) since it was something I knew little about.

So as I started to check it out I learned this Stephenie Meyer chick wrote this book about these two snot nosed kids, one a vampire douche and the other a human apparently quick to want to poon up the undead. The one part I did find interesting is that Vampire Douche is torn between fucking her and feasting on her which I do admit is a cross-roads I often stand at when liquored up and looking at a sexy hamburger.

Look, let me make clear, I don’t have a problem with Stephenie Meyer, her fucked up dreams or her ability to have no skill in writing yet shit out a tween novel series worth a couple of bucks. Let’s face it she’s just following the formula laid out by Harry Potter. I don’t even have a problem with the fact that even though she is a Mormon and therefore must be in support of “Yes on Prop 8” (meaning she is for the ban of gay marriage) she is apparently o.k. with Necrophilia and dating the spawn of Satan. (No offense to Vampires).
Where I start to have a problem is that because of the Harry Potter formula this book series/movie is being spewed out of every media orifice as if anyone other than 13 year olds, fat ass white chicks who are in their 40’s and still haven’t been laid and creepy pedophiles actually give a shit about any of this. It is almost as bad as all the “High School Musical” shit. At least there I got to see Vanessa Hudgens hot naked pics.

I guess what it all boils down to is that the level of skill that is needed to become a “star” these days has plummeted. Who needs talent as long as you can carry a poorly written show on the Disney channel right? Who gives a shit that there ARE extremely talented writers, musicians, directors, etc; still out there just trying to pursue the art they love and share there vision with the world when it is just so much easier to buy into Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne.

This just makes me so fucking angry. I hope you all catch Super Herp and die.

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