New EXPLODER! film.

Almost a year to the day after the release of “The Exploder: Out of Luck” pre-production is beginning on a new Exploder film. Just to recap there have been six Exploder films to see theatrical release, 13 straight to DVD films as well as a short lived T.V. series.

Hey Stupid caught up with O.K. Entertainment who is producing the flick to try and get some details.

HS: So what has you guys wanting to do another Exploder film and what will be the connection to The EXPLODER!: Out of Luck? Will the story follow the adventures of Griffin Hawk where the last movie left off or is there something else in store for us?

OKE: Well, it seems that the current money making formula in Hollywood is to take a beloved comic book and destroy it to make a quick buck so that is exactly what we decided to do. First, just after the last movie opened in theaters we hired 74 writers, illustrators, inkers and letterers to produce 6 different comic book titles with about 42 issues each all focusing on the adventures of The EXPLODER. Then we teamed up with one of the 142,000 imprint labels of D.C. Comics to distribute our books and build street cred among the uber geeks that only read super obscure shit no one else cares about. Then we chose the title that had the most buzz on the forums and boards and blogs and decided to make it a movie. True to form however we will rape the comicbook version completely and bend it to our will.

HS: So essentially this is a movie based on a comicbook based on a movie based on a t.v. show that was based on a series of movies based on a really bad idea?

OKE: Exactly. So our first task for this film was to hire a writer. We wanted to make sure it was someone who was familiar with making shitty movies based on great comics but we couldn’t settle on just one so we hired a team. We have Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider/Dare Devil), Theresa Rebeck (Catwoman), Jeffrey Boam (The Phantom) and Akiva Goldsman (Batman and Robin). Next we needed a director. As Hollywood has proved time and time again we needed to find someone who could take a truly beloved property and turn it into a movie so hideous people were physically sickened by it.

HS: So Mark Steven Jacobs will be directing too then?

OKE: Actually, we thought about him. We also discussed Micheal Bay again, ultimately though we settled on Stuart Gillard the man who butchered up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in TMNT3: Turtles in time.

HS: Well it sounds like you guys are right on track. Any word yet on who the cast will be?

OKE: The role of The EXPLODER has been filled by Patrick Swayze, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Lorenzo Lamas, Eric Stoltz, Jake Lloyd, Keanu Reeves and Paul Walker so finding someone to play the part has been truly difficult. Again, we would like to point out that the character of Dalton Hawk (from all the original movies) is no longer The Exploder. Hollywood showed us in The Hulk, Ghost Rider and countless other films that changing the name of the hero’s secret identity is really important for pissing off long time die hard fans and therefore making more money. The new Exploder’s secret identity will be named “Fallons Bayne”. Our hope is that stupid parents will start naming their children Fallons or Bayne. Anyhow The Exploder/Fallons Bayne was a tough decision. AAt first we wanted Josh Duhamel (Transformers) but he was busy destroying another Transformers film. So, we thought really hard and eventually just signed Michael O’Laskey II (3 Ninjas) to fill the role.

HS: Have any other cast members committed yet?

OKE: Well the role of the antagonist who is a character named “Driggs” will be played by someone with plenty of experience playing a villan in comicbook based movies. We have none other than… Mark Pillow!

HS: You mean Nuclear Man from Superman 4?

OKE: Absolutley! Also rounding out the cast we have David Caruso, Mary-Kate Olson and perhaps the name we are MOST excited about…NICHOLAS CAGE!!!

HS: What will he be doing in the film?

OKE: Well Mark Steven Johnson came to us one day and said that his friend was interested in being in the movie. We agreed to meet with “his friend” and it ended up being Mr. Cage. At first we thought about having him play the father of Fallons Bayne, Dalton (a cheap gimmicky reference for the long time fans) Bayne, but he wanted nothing to do with that. He insisted on playing Fallons’ younger brother Franklin. He explained that we could digitally alter his body to make him look younger and more ripped just like in Ghost Rider. Then he said if we didn’t he would sue us and use the money to make “World Trade Center 2: McLoughlin’s Rage”

HS: Well we are just about out of time is there anything else you can tell us?

OKE: Well the soundtrack will be done by the Jonas Brothers and keep checking back for updates!

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