Why did everything change?

You may have noticed that Hey Stupid has changed quite a bit since the last time you visited. Well the simple answer is that Hey Stupid changed because the people who write it have changed. For example, when I started writing Hey Stupid almost six years ago I wasn’t married, heck I wasn’t even engaged. I didn’t have a real steady job, I was pretty much living on my own in Detroit and though I had experienced a lot more than my peers had at that point because of the life I led I still had a very small perception on life. Now I am married, I have a little girl and another on the way.  work a full time job as well was have two full time hobbies aside from this and my perspective has grown a bit.

When I started this I was very angry and that was the only place my writing went. I don’t make any apologies for that. This is in no way me saying that i am not angry now, I am still really pissed off, just about different things. Things that I would rather DO something about than just vent to a bunch of faceless readers about.

Stratt has also changed quite a bit in the last few years. He has chosen a direction for his life, decided, much like I did, to change the people he surrounded himself with and grew quite a bit as a person. I believe you can see that in his writing as well.

While our goal has always been to make the readers of this blog think, laugh and be passionate about something even if their opinion is different than ours the way we chose to do it has changed. Anyone can write an inflammatory blog and piss someone off and start a big argument, that is easy. Now we are more interested in writing things that make a person laugh because of the wit involved. Things that anger a person because our opinion is so different than their own but they can’t find a response to shut us down. We wish to write creative pieces that make people wonder what the hell is wrong with us while making them question what is wrong with themselves.

I guess the simplestway to say it is, we’re getting to old for this shit.

You will see much more stronger focus in our “Reviews” section, a few more pieces a month in our “Creative Writing” section, hopefully an increase in the “Feature Articles” section and as always a strong showing in all the other new sections.

Or if you want to take an adventure and see how we’ve grown feel free to wander through the archives, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Thanks for following us on this.

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