Why you should watch “American Dad!”


I’ve always been a big fan of animated sitcoms, ever since The Simpsons started in 1989.They aren’t as phony as real shows, and can poke fun at everything, even themselves.

The problem is, ever since The Simpsons, everybody and their brother has been trying to capitalize on their success.Many have failed of course (Fish Police, Family Dog, Capitol Critters) and the very few that do stick around, don’t stick around for very long.

The Simpsons is probably my all time favorite show. No doubt. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have any of the great shows we have today. BUT…i do think it’s time to put this old horse out to pasture.The show has been up and down since season 13, and although the movie was decent, i think the show has run it’s course.

I guess as long as fox can make money from it, the show will be around forever.

Other great shows that should have lasted a lot longer (The Critic, Futurama) didn’t even really get a chance to prove themselves in the world of prime time animated television shows. For some jack ass reason Futurama was on TV at 7 in the evening on a Sunday….who the hell is watching TV at that time? Everyone knows TV starts at 8.Then the censors would complain about the shows content and say “this is too extreme, violent or offensive for 7’o clock”….ya think? They never intended the show to be on so early…so because of this, the series was canceled. Thankfully we got 4 straight to DVD movies of this great series.

The point I’m trying to make is there is another clever, funny, and intelligent show on TV that probably won’t last as long as it should…i speak of course, of American Dad!

American Dad! is going to be the next Futurama if we don’t do something about it. Fox is already complaining about the shows low ratings, and i would hate to see such a great show canceled before it’s time.

It’s witty, funny, intelligent, and in my opinion the best show that’s on TV this fall…it’s in season 4…let’s hope they make it to season 5.So get ON your asses and watch American Dad every Sunday night at 9:30 on Fox.OR…get off your asses and get to the nearest store and pick up the seasons on DVD.

Or watch them on Adult Swim.

Anyway, there’s nothing better then a show about a man who works for the CIA, lives with an alien,  and a fish with the brain of a German…and of course the family.Hailey, the teenage hippy whore, Steve the nerd and or course Francine the loving wife who puts up with all of Stan’s BS.

The series started off kinda slow (don’t all new shows?) and at first i thought it was Seth’s way of replacing Family Guy.After FG was brought back to the screen, it was time for good old American Dad to become it’s own show.The show started shaping up after the first few episode though, right after you understand whats going on and getting used to the characters.A show has to be able to develop or you would not care about whats going on.Anyway, the show has shaped nicely, and even the beginning of the series is great even though it’s just getting things kick off.

I’m not kidding, you won’t regret watching this show if you have any kind of intelligence or sense of humor.

– StraTT

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