Dear Santa 2008: Santa Strikes Back.

I don’t know why I am letting myself get dragged into this again this year. You’re a douchebag. I mean it. You’re a complete tool. I had enough of your dumb ass last year that I should have known not to even open your letter.

First of all you’re 27 years old. What the fuck do you want with toys and games? Second if you had a GT-R you would only wreck it while trying to masturbate while you drive.

If I do come to your house at all this year it is only going to be to kill you.

Go fuck yourself.


See the letter I sent Santa.


Don’t try writing to Jesus this year either. JC and I have already talked and you are going to hell so he doesn’t give a shit. He said he would rather help Hitler and a bunch of kiddie rapists open a Jewish orphanage than do anything for you.

Eat my big fat jolly red ass you ridiculous fuck-tard.

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