Keanu shouldn’t be allowed to act in anything again. Ever.

Look I will put this as easily as possible. Keanu Reeves is a jack ass and his agent is either a Jedi with a full range of mind tricks OR sucks a lot of dick to get Keanu parts. I am leaning toward the latter of the 2. Lets forget about the fact that Ted Theodore Logan was just in a shitty remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” playing Klaatu the same way he has played every role since Speed and just focus on the new movie he is going to be in called 47 Ronin. He is going to play a Samurai who is part of a band of 47 total Samurai out to avenge their dead master.

I don’t give a shit if he IS half Japanese the fucker can’t act and on top of that he has been claiming white boy long enough if he’s any Asian it’s Caucasian. I would say that he should have a chat with Tom Cruise about hw well things go for a white dude trying to be a Samurai in a movie but I would be too afraid the two of them would end up in a movie together.

Damn it I hate this crap.

3 responses to “Keanu shouldn’t be allowed to act in anything again. Ever.

  1. tsk… tsk… jealousy is a very bad sentiment.

  2. Jealousy of what? I have no desire to act. I only have a desire to watch decent movies and not have pop culture bull shit rammed down my throat. Bad movies and terrible actors piss me off. Maybe I should start a blog about it to vent my frustrations. Oh wait…

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