Movie View: Resident Evil Degeneration


So it seems we have a fourth Resident Evil motion picture on our hands, this time done completely by CG, and Capcom itself.

The three live action movies were “ok” in my opinion, probably the best they could have been done by a live action cast. Story and characters were changed a little, but of course it’s Hollywood, and that’s to be expected.My favorite of the three was “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”.

Anywho, i got to check out the new CG movie last night, and i must admit it was pretty good. If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil video game series, you will most defiantly love this movie. I’m not that big of a fan, but i do like the games.

The CG was VERY well done, sometimes almost looked as if it were real.

The story bridges the gap between RE 4 and the upcoming RE 5 video games, and was full of action and suspense. Other then the dialogue being off from the mouth movements and a few “quirks” with cG effects, the movie was pretty impressive for something that’s going straight to DVD.

Alyson Court and Paul Mercier reprise their roles as Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy from the video game series, which is also a plus. I was afraid i was going to be watching 90 minutes of video game cinematics, which it does KINDA feel that way, but in another way it still feels like a movie as well.

If you’re a Resident Evil fan, you gotta check out “Degeneration” when it hits shelves on December 27th in the U.S.

You shant be disappointed.

7 out of 10

– StraTT

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