Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like Mola Ram

Yesterday I was out doing some Christmas shopping. It was actually a fairly decent day to do it because freezing rain was coming down and very few people were in the stores. I could take my time and browse all of the items to decide what I really wanted to get people.

I have a 15 month little girl and I have made a tradition of getting her one present that people can look at and know instantly it is from me. For example, when she 3 months old I got her a guitar for Christmas. It was a little kid guitar and it lit up and made weird noises and she loved it even though it was supposed to be for older kids.

She is at the stage now where she is beginning to comprehend things really really well and she is starting to enjoy television.  I am planning on making this the year to start getting her into my two favorite reasons for being alive…watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so I wanted to geher something from one of those movies.

My first thought was to get her a lightsaber. I found a really really cool one that was modeled off of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from ROTJ and it lit up and made sounds. I figured she would love it. After thinking about it for a while though I decided that the idea of my 15 month old little girl running around the house wielding a 3 and a half foot lightsaber might not be the best idea.

There were a lot of cool action figures and playsets and vehicles and things, but everything had really Small parts so I decided it was a little to early to start with that kind of stuff. She’s a smart girl and she doesn’t try to eat things that aren’t food, but I can just see a little storm trooper head being shoved up her nose or something.

I moved on down the isle to where they had the Indiana Jones toys located and I started poking through those.

That’s when it happened. I came upon a series of toys called “Mighty Mugs”. They are a line of toys produced by Hasbro, and though I understand the market segment they are trying to reach, I hate when they try and cutsie up toys toy make them different.  I realize that the reason they do this is to reach a market that my daughter is in: that being the children of nerds still too small for real toys. I was about to give up and move on when…I saw it.

Mola Ram you have my heart. Really.

Mola Ram you have my heart. Really.

That’s right. Mola Ram from Temple of doom done up as a cutie. He even has a little heart shaped flaming heart in his weird half circle hand. If for some reason you are a complete idiot and don’t remember who Mola Ram is, he was the leader of the Thuggee Cult in Temple of Doom. Oh, you know, the guy that wore a big ass skull on his head and would rip out people’s hearts while yelling “Kali Ma”. Then make them drink the cursed blood of the dead to do his bidding. He also had an army of children trapped under ground doing physical labor. In other words, THE PERFECT CUTE TOY!!!

Lets be honest. I will probably end up owning the entire line of these things.

What are some toys that you guys like/find stupid?

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