Gamers Guide: Gears Of War 2


So after much anticipation, Epic Games and Microsoft released Gears Of War 2 back in November. I finally was able to play as good old marcu fenix again and start slathering the hordes with my gigantic guns.

I must say i was not disappointed at all. To be honest though, the game was much better then i thought it would be. I knew it would be good, but damn.The story line and cinematics are exciting, and the gameplay is dead on from the original game.

After completing the first Gears Of War, you kinda get the feeling that there will be a second one…just like how you complete this one, you know there will be a third one…plus i think they have already announced it.

For those of you with an Xbox 360, i encourage you to give this game a spin, is worth it. It seems a little longer then the first one (but maybe i’m mistaken) but all in all probably a total of 6-8 hours of gameplay which is standard for first person shooters now.

The problem is, the games have gotten much bigger, but the DVD size stays the same. I personally don’t think ANY video game is worth $60, but this one comes pretty close.

Plenty of achievements, and load of multiplayer stuff to do, you’ll probably get your money worth long before Gears 3 hits the shelves in a few years.

The graphics are tight as hell, the music is heart pounding, and the action is almost none stop. Theres a few stages of riding some things in this game (i won’t give anything away) and one in particular because kinda tedious, but other then that, i find no faults. Sometimes when you kill something, the character says something that doesn’t really make any sense (pre-recorded lines from Gears 1) but hey, nothings perfect right?

Go out right now and grab Gears Of War 2…you know what, you probably already have. So I’m telling you what you already know. I just thought I’d remind you…it ROCKS.

9 out of 10

– StraTT

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