Gamers Guide: Sonic Unleashed


So the sonic team returns, and as usual, it’s not for the better.

When i first heard that Sega and Sonic Team were developing a new 3D platform based Sonic game, i was getting pretty excited. Then when i read about the Wer-hog stages i started to become a little skeptical.

Now, this review is for the PS2 version of the game, because as of right now, i have not played the Xbox 360 version which from what i have read is a different game. I really hope so.

The game starts off like any sonic game that has been made in the last 9 years.You talk to some stupid ass looking character that looks like a 5 year old drew it.He tells you a bunch of shit you don’t care about, and leads you through a 45 minute tutorial that’s painfully boring.

Once you get through all that crap, you finally get to play something half decent.A platform 3D type stage. That’s about the coolest part of the game.It’s actually kinda fun, and i think they should have made the entire game this way.

THEN you get to move onto a “night” stage were, for some reason, you turn into wer-sonic.These stages are basically a platform beat’em up kinda thing, except when you have to find certain things to open a door to move on…for fucks sake.This is what ruined the last 4 sonic games (except for the DS games, they were fucking sweet) so why keep doing it?I thought the point of this was to bring back the old platform style game with new graphics just like Nintendo did on the DS with New Super Mario Bros.

I guess i was wrong though.Look, the game isn’t the worst game I’ve played by a long shot, but i will tell you that the PS2 version in particular is very disappointing. The graphics are choppy and shoddy looking to be honest.The game certainly could have done without the boring wer-sonic stages altogether.I just don’t see a need for it.If you were going to do this wer-sonic thing, why not make his stages running as well?

I just don’t understand Sonic Teams logic lately…just make 1 decent platform running sonic game for the new ages and make everyone happy.Or hell, go back to side scrolling and use 3D graphics for it like the DS games.Stop letting everyone down.People wonder what happened to Sega, and why they went bankrupt over and over again…bad marketing, and bad games.Don’t get me wrong though, Sega has made a lot of great games over the years too…but this one i would avoid unless the price drops to about $20.If you wanna try it out, go for it.The running stages are fun, and that’s bout it. Maybe after i try the xbox 360 version i’ll come back and revise this artical, but for now, this game only gets a 5…because it’s mediocre at best.

5 out of 10

– StraTT

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