Movie View: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Spoiler alert! Here is the entire movie.

Keanu stands around not acting delivering lines without any trace of a soul in his monotone way.

A shitty, bland, vanilla, ass dragging story tries to convince us that it is bad to be human.

Nothing happens in a city.

Nothing happens in an office.

Nothing happens in the woods.

Mediocre special effects.

Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

Credits roll and if I had known I would have had to sit through this movie I would have wanted my mother to have me aborted.

I guess this pile of shit is suposed to make me feel bad for buying things I don’t need and destroying the environment, but being that it is funded by corporate sponsors who want me to buy shit and destroy the environment they never actually mention it.

The fact that this movie even made an impact on box office figures states 3 things clearly.

1) Other movies out are so shitty people went to see this one

2) People are so fucking dumb that this movie was entertaining to them.


3) Most intelligent people are saving their money for things like heat and food and not dying so they didn’ go see this miserable piece of fish shit movie.

If I didn’t get to see it for free I wouldn’t have seen it at all.

0 out of ten.

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