An open letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President-elect,

Let me start this off by saying that this letter is 100% serious. I know that there are lots of times, in reality most of the time that this site is devoted to silliness and odd reviews, but that is not the case in this letter.

That being said let me dive right into it.

Sir, when you got elected my heart swelled with hope. My wife, my daughter and I were living in Rapid City, South Dakota and had been long time supporters of yours. My wife had campaigned for you around our neighborhood and on line. She distributed information about you to a large group of people and worked hard to break the mindset of the people who lived around us. We both got up early on election day and voted for you and we continue to have hope that you will be the answer that this country is seeking. Since the election we have been forced to move back across the country to our hometown of Johnstown,Pennsylvania which, it is safe to say is EXTREMELY economically depressed.

I work in the auto sales industry and every paycheck is thinner than the last. My wife currently isn’t working because she is due to give birth to our second child any day now and we are living back at my parents house to limit our spending so that we can try and save as much as we can. I do consider myself lucky to have a job and any type of income at all, but lets face it things are bad everywhere.

I guess the easiest thing to do is just to ask. Please make this country great again. It is easy to say that Americans have gotten lazy and that no one wants to work anymore, instead, asking for bailouts, but I say that isn’t the case at all. I know plenty of people, close friends of mine, who are all college educated (myself included) and working just slightly better than minimum wage jobs just to keep the lights on and to avoid going on full unemployment because the companies they worked for have let them go.

Even in my case, my wife and I discussed the possibility of me going back to school to try and get a job in another field to be able to provide for my family, but because of me being unable to pay my student loans from the first time I went to college, my credit is ruined and I get get money to go back to school to further my education to get a better job.

All most people want is to be able to pay their bills and be able to save enough that they don’t have to worry where the money is going to come from if their car breaks down and they are stuck with a $1500 bill. They want to be able to sleep at night and not have to worry about how they are going to pay the bills that came in the mail that day. They want to know when they get dressed and go to work in the morning that their job is still going to be there.

It is a shame that our country has fallen so far but it isn’t unfixable. Rather than subsidizing industries that have been failing for decades, subsidize people. I am not about to stand here and claim that I have the key to fixing the country and I am not stupid enough to believe that you have the ability to fix it on your own. You do however have the office, the people and the charisma and talent to begin the process.

We need jobs. We need money to help cover all the bills and expenses we have until those jobs start paying off. We need more free-low cost post secondary education to make us globally competitive. We need debt forgiveness. We need health care. We need to know that it is o.k. to go to work and focus on our jobs because we won’t have to be distracted worrying about how we are going to afford to live from one day to the next.

I still have hope Mr. Obama. I still have hope that you will be the change this country needs.

I still have to feed my kids.

Please HELP!

2 responses to “An open letter to Barack Obama

  1. I hope too,,I wish I was better off then I was two years ago but I’m not. Here’s an open letter to you brainiacs that voted for the Democrats,,name a society that taxed their people into prosperity!!

    It is very vogue to blame Bush,,go ahead and swallow the BS the Dems spew,, but a year from now when they claim they saved 2million jobs and just wait for it,,wait for it,,when you vote in the mid-terms remember what recovery looks like,,tax breaks for the small business down the street is what recovery looks like. Ask why Kennedy, Regan, Bush one, even Clinton lowered tax and apologized for them being to high in the first half of his first term! Bush two had growth in nearly every quarter prior to the Dems do nothing congress of 2006-2008,,look it up!!

  2. if you don’t know how to use a comma, please don’t comment on politics. ever. again.

    also, kill yourself. kill,,,, yourself,,,,,,.

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